Friday, 26 October 2012

Care For Your Hair - Tangle Teezer Review

I just had to do a post on my new little purchase that I’m LOVING at the moment- my Tangle Teezer. My hair’s fairly long, thick and coloured so it takes a bit of looking after. From years of bleach, dye, and a few disasters, it’s safe to say my hair is suffering a bit now and as I’m still trying to grow it I’m reluctant to have it cut, even though I know it’s definitely in need of one (bad, I know). Realising my standard hairbrushes were essentially ripping through my already-damaged hair I was desperate to find a product less harmful. They’re not a new product but I’d heard a lot of great things about Tangle Teezers and had been meaning to try one for a while. When it arrived I was so excited to try it and wasn’t disappointed at all. From the first use I knew it was exactly what I’d wanted.

It’s a different shape to normal hairbrushes but the small, moulded design fits in your hand perfectly for easy use and practicality for carrying in your handbag. Because of the unique teeth it doesn’t pull through your hair which reduces damage and, for me, made the whole process a lot less painful/stressful. It’s quick and easy to use and can be used on wet hair too without damaging it. I think it even makes my hair look glossier. Yay!
They have a great range of different shapes, styles, colours and cute designs for around £9- £13. The website also has a fab ‘hair advice’ section providing information on caring for all different hair types from fine hair to hair weaves! You can have a little look for yourself here
If you’re concerned about brushing your damaged hair or just looking to maintain your gorgeous glossy locks I’d definitely recommend trying a Tangle Teezer.


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Katie said...

Hi! Aw thanks so much, It's still a work in progress at the moment hehe.
I'll definitely have a look at yours :)

Adele said...

I have one of these & OMG it has made a huge difference to brushing my it!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

TheMaiBug said...

So glad I found your blog, I just looking at these today on feel unique. Super helpful review x

Saskia said...

I will be investing - my hair is a mane!
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JessicaAnne said...

the tangle teezer is amazing! I just got one the other day:) great blog!

A Beautiful Secret said...

There amazing aren't they!
such a good buy!
Love your blog <3

Jess x x

Kelly Turner said...

I've wanted to get one for a while think I'll have to look into it now!
Blogs looking great!

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