Monday, 29 October 2012

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

These are the beauty products I keep inside my handbag every day. They’re not items that I use in the morning to do my make-up or even particular favourites (apart from Collection Concealer & Hoola) but just ones I like to have with me in case my make-up needs freshening up throughout the day. I don’t think I carry an excessive amount but the products I do have are enough for me to be able to do my whole make-up if necessary. I most regularly use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as I have very oily skin and often need to control the shine a couple of times throughout the day and if I’m feeling pale I’ll add a touch of Hoola all over for a bit of bronze. It’s very rare that I use the Clinique mascara but it’s always handy to have in case I haven’t had time to pop some on in the morning or have stayed at my boyfriends and need to do my make-up quickly in the morning. The make-up bag I use is a Catseye Cosmetics Bag that I got from John Lewis.

Products In My Make-up Bag:
Carex Hand Gel- It’s always good to have a little bottle of this on hand for freshening up on the go, especially if you’re eating out. I like the Aloe Vera one as it smells a bit nicer.
Neutrogena Hand Cream – As the hand gel can often be quite drying I like to use a hand cream afterwards, also during the colder months it’s nice to keep your skin moisturised. The Neutrogena one works really for relieving dry or chapped hands; it has a fresh, clean scent and you only need the smallest amount.
Barry M Lip Gloss- I think it got this free with a body spray in Superdrug. I don’t usually wear lip glosses but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this one as I really like it. It’s a light pink/nude shade with very subtle shimmers but on the lips it looks clear with a slight nude tint. One of the things I love most about this gloss is the formula; it’s not sticky at all and feels nourishing on the lips.
Benefit Hoola- I’ll use a small amount all over my face over to add some colour.
Rimmel Stay Matter Powder- I absolutely love this product, it does a really good job of mattifying my skin whilst still looking natural.
Small Mirror- Just in case I need to do my make-up on the go.
Bourjois Blush in shade 95 Rose- I hardly ever use this blusher as I don’t usually top it up during the day. I’m not keen on it either as it’s too shimmery and not very pigmented – I’m not sure whether it’s just this particular colour or all Bourjois blushes but it’s put me off trying any of the others.
Lancôme Lip Gloss- Again, this is hardly used but being a sample it’s the perfect size to pop in my make-up bag. It’s a shimmery, raspberry pink colour and great to pop on if you want to feel more made-up for an evening.
Clinique High Impact Mascara- This is also a sample size and perfect for keeping in my make-up bag. It’s not something I’d purchase but it does the job if I don’t want to be completely bare-eyed.
Lancôme Powder Brush- I use this with the powder, bronzer and blush.
Collection lasting Perfection Concealer- When I start getting to the end of the one I use every day I’ll put it in my make-up bag. It’s my absolute favourite and I have a post on it here -
e.l.f Shine Eraser Sheets- Used to blot away any oil throughout the day.
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight- I used to wear this all the time and loved it but I’ve gone off nude lips recently so I haven’t used it in a while.
Tissues & Carex Refreshing Hand and Body Wipes- These are so handy to keep with you when you’re out and about and great for a quick freshen up if you’ve had a long day.



Sophie Pocock said...

Great post haven't seen any of the whats in my makeup bag before.
i'm new to blogging too :) wanna follow each other?

Katie said...

Aw thanks, I love being nosey and seeing what other people have in their bags/make-up bags hehe.
Your blog looks great :)

Not Just Inside said...

Rimmel stay matte... a girls best friend

Katie said...

I agree!x

Imogen Smith said...

I love your blog so I nominated you for the liebster award! check it out! xx