Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's In My Bag?

 Bag: Modalu London ‘Pippa’ in Faux Croc
First compartment:

Ted Baker Makeup Bag – I just keep a few essentials in here for top-ups on the go.
Tissues & Carex Refreshing Wipes- Handy for freshening up whilst I’m out
Neutrogena Hand Cream- My hands can get quite dry especially during the winter months and this one is the perfect handbag size
Glasses Case
Smaller middle compartment:
House & Car Keys
Back compartment:

Ted Baker Coin Purse- I don’t use this for change but keep little loose bits in here like my USB stick etc
Small 2013 Diary
Chanel Sunglasses- For when the sun makes the odd appearance
Soap&Glory Body Spray- This smells so lovely and I’m not worried about it smashing in my bag as I would with my perfumes
LuLu Guinness Umbrella- Essential to have at all times as the weather is so unpredictable



Natalie said...

What's in my handbag posts are one of my faveeees :) I'm still so envious of your Ted Baker bag!
Just letting you know I've nominated you for one of the Liebster Awards so check it out miss :)
N xoxoThe Blonde Ethos

Lanie B said...

Ooo love your bag!! These posts are so fun - I love finding out what everyone carries around with them!

Missy Neveradullmoment said...

such cute things in your purse its so girly!! I love the handbag and the ted baker make up bag, i want one now lol