Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Essie Nail Lacquer & Crystal Nail File

Despite the amount of hype there is concerning Essie nail polishes, I always seem to bypass them and opt for a cheaper alternative such as Topshop or Barry M. I’ve only been painting my nails on a regular basis since I started university due to work restrictions in the past; hence it’s only quite recently that I’ve been interested in trying different brands. A few weeks ago however my lovely friend Natalie excitedly told me about Fragrance Direct; a website selling Essie polishes at a significantly reduced price, so of course I had to have a look.  

I decided to purchase the shade ‘we’re in it together’ though I was initially a little disappointed as the colour of the polish didn’t match the image on the website; it looked a very pale pink on the site yet in the bottle it’s actually a true Barbie pink with miniature blue/purple glitter flecks. Nevertheless, at a price of only £1.99 I’m not too worried and it’s still a pretty colour, just not what I was expecting. The application was very easy thanks to the large, and slightly squared, brush although it did take a little while to completely dry. I was quite pleased with the formula of the product itself; I only needed two coats to achieve an opaque colour and it lasted reasonably long without chipping considering I didn’t use a base or top coat. It's a cute colour but definitely one I'll get more use of in the summer months.

I also wanted to share with you one of my favourite nail care tools- my crystal nail file. I honestly can’t remember how long I’ve been using mine but I received it as a Christmas present many years ago and I love it. I would never consider buying, or even using if I can help it, an emery board after using a crystal file as it works quicker and more effectively. It doesn’t feel at all harsh and can in fact help to reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling when used on a regular basis since it’s not rough on the nails. They’re easy to clean and, if taken care of, will last you for years. I definitely recommend one!

Have you got any Essie favourites?



beauty by alexia jade said...

gorgeous colour!
i love the essie nail polish brushes, they make it so easy to paint your nails :)

Emily Barnes said...

Your nails looks so pretty!! this colour is beautiful :) i may have to have a cheeky purchase of it

Love Emily xx

Kat said...

I bought this exact shade off the Fragrance Direct site too, I love it :-)

I also got Bikini So Teeny, both lovely colours.


Dazzleulooks said...

that colours gorgeous xxx

Charlotte Lewis said...

What a lovely colour pink!

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And also my latest outfit post here

Thanks! Charlie xx

Catherine S said...

The colour looks gorgeous. I love baby pink nails! I know what you mean about the nail file-I received one as a gift a few years back and you can totally notice the difference between them and normal nail files x x

Bonjour Perfection said...

This is such a pretty shade! Lovely review.