Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Style Inspiration With Polyvore

Hi lovelies. It’s beautifully sunny outside today and looks very spring-like which of course has made me super excited for the warmer months. Having recently discovered the amazing website Polyvore (probably really late on that one) I’ve been absolutely LOVING creating pretty spring/summer inspired outfit boards. With lots of cute template designs and hundreds of gorgeous items to choose from it’s easy to put together your dream outfits; I thought I’d share a few of mine on here.


I definitely recommend having a look at the website, it’s completely addictive!


Charlotte Lewis said...

Love the outfit picks that you have put together :)

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And also my latest outfitr post feat a contrast sleeve leather jacket

Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com

Shalini Menon said...

love all the outfits! :D
new follower. follow back?

xx S.

Emily Barnes said...

Omg this post is seriously one of the best ones ive seen!! its making me so excited for spring/summer. The outfits are so gorgeous :) going have to save this till i have my next splurge some pretty ideas!! ahhhhh :)

Love Emily xx


Katie said...

Thanks girls, I can't wait for SS either! I will have to find some cheaper alternatives to the outfits I put together :) x

izzy cervantes said...

i really like all of these!!

nominated you for the Liebster Award go to www.elywrites.blogspot.com to check it out!

ReNu said...

Ooooh love the combo. I'm signing up at Polyvore now!
My Beauty Junction

Alara Basul said...

I love this post!! Great outfit combinations, love every single one!!

Love your blog, new follower :) xx


Natalie said...

I loooveeeee your selections beaut :)
Especially the prada handbags.. I am in love.
Need that shopping trip to London soon please ;)
lots of lovesssss! xoxoxoxo
The Blonde Ethos

Natalie said...
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Kerry Preston said...

Love all the outfits! Especially the striped midi dress and the louboutins! Just followed your blog, it's lovely! :)

Kerry x