Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cosmopolitan Career’s Masterclass Event

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I went along to Cosmo magazine’s first Media Masterclass event in London. We’d booked our tickets online a couple of months ago for a price of £30 which included a glass of champers on arrival, a goodie bag full of beauty treats, a group talk by media specialists and a Q&A session afterwards. As I hadn’t been to an event like this before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how beneficial it would actually be. I was keen to go, however, as the panel of speakers all have amazing careers and I was interested to find out more about what their roles involve and how they landed their jobs. The panel consisted of; Louise Court- Cosmo Editor, Cherry Healey- TV presenter, Jazz Kaur- Head of PR for Benefit Cosmetics, Chloe Melick- Co-founder of INSIDE/OUT PR, Pat McNulty- Cosmo's Digital Editor and Nicole Mowbray- The Daily Mail's Life and Style Editor.

Essentially, the evening involved Louise asking the panel different questions about how to make it in the competitive media industry so I thought I’d share some of the general advice given:
· Work experience is key- get as much as possible, take every opportunity, say yes to everything
· Find something you’re good at and be the best at it
· Network, network, network- with anyone and everyone, make contacts, keep in touch with people
· A degree is not always essential
· Be passionate and ambitious about what you want to do but be yourself
· Do something to make your CV & covering letter stand out from the hundreds of applications they receive- tailor your CV/covering letter to the specific publication/organisation you’re applying for instead of sending out duplicates to numerous companies
· Be prepared to work long hours, constantly meeting deadlines, receive work-related phone calls at 11pm on a Sunday
· Be quick-thinking and constantly creative with ideas
Lots of other useful and interesting ideas were discussed, however, as much as I enjoyed the evening overall, I didn’t leave feeling as if I had learnt many insider tips on being part of the industry. I think a lot of what was said I’d read before in magazines/online or is just common knowledge for anyone interested in a career in the media. I would have loved Louise to discuss more about her own education & career background as well as what her role as editor of Cosmopolitan entails. It was the first event of its kind for the magazine though so they’re likely to improve it with each one.

If you’re interested in attending an event like this they’re hosting a Superblogger Masterclass on 14th May in London.


Natalie said...

Eeeee that sounds amazing!! I want to goooo :)
Will you send me a link to the website that you booked it on so that I can have a nosey? Thanks beaut!!

Natalie said...

Bahhhh nevermind - just realised you left and link which I followed :)

Lauren Cope said...

This is so interesting! I'm definitely going to go to the Superbloggers one, sounds perfect. Do you think you'll go to that?
Have also just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award lovely! xxxx

Katie said...

It was very interesting, I don't think I'll go to the blogging one but I'll let you know if I do :) xoxo