Monday, 8 April 2013

What's In My Weekend Travel Bag?

My friends and I decided to head to Norwich this weekend for a girly night out. Norwich, a city not far from our home town, is easy to get to and a place we all really like. It’s so nice to go somewhere/do something different, especially as going out in local bars can get very boring. I luckily had the day off work, which meant I could spend Saturday morning having a little pamper session and getting my bags packed. Here’s a peek at some of the beauty bits I chose to take:


We decided to stay in a little apartment which was lovely as it meant we could chill out in a nice space before getting ready and hitting the city centre. Here are a few snaps from the evening; it was such a fun night full of cocktails, giggles and lots of dancing. Perfect.


Lauren Cope said...

I love your weekend away bags katie, they're so cute! xxxx

Katie said...

Thank youu :) The big one was free with some Estee Lauder make-up once I think, dog one is from John Lewis & the pink one was from Superdrug I think xxxx

Anna Nuttall said...

Hi Katie, how are you? I just found your little blog so i'm just saying hi - hi :)

I love your weekend bag, normally i stick everything in my old gym bag.

Katie said...

Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by and saying hello :) x