Friday, 17 May 2013

MUA Nail Polish Review

So, yes, this is another MUA product rave review. There’s no hiding the fact that I’m a massive fan of the brand so when I heard about the newest nail polish releases I couldn’t wait to try them. The colour range is great; they’ve got lots of lovely ice cream shades, perfect for the summer, as well as some darks and nudes. Costing just £1 (Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on too!!) you could own half the range for the price of one O.P.I nail lacquer, so they’re fantastic for anyone on a budget.

For some reason I was instantly drawn to these 3 shades of pink; Natural Days is a very light baby pink which looks almost white on the nails; Strawberry Crush is a gorgeous raspberry pink and one of my new favourite shades; Bright Pink is pretty much just that, it’s a bright fuchsia.

They apply easily, dry quickly and last a few days on the nails without chipping. They’re all really pigmented and achieving an opaque colour is possible, even with the lightest pink, in just two coats. I love the packaging as well as it reminds me of the Essie polishes. Overall I think they’re a great little product and I’ll definitely be purchasing the lilac and mint green next time I’m in town.


Hannah McGarry said...

Beautiful colours! They looks really lovely nice on and this is a great blog! I've just nominated you for LIEBSTER AWARD, I'll be putting a post up in about 10 minutes you should check it out! xxx

Amy Horner said...

love the colour Strawberry crush, all so pretty for the price(:

Becky-x said...

I don't usually do pink nail varnishes, but that 'Natural Days' is lovely. Great post :) X