Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summer Holiday Makeup Essentials

Although I’m not having a holi abroad this year (being a poor student and saving for a house sucks) I thought this post might be interesting or useful for anyone who is. If you’re not one for packing light when it comes to that long-awaited summer holiday it can be a struggle to decide which beauty products are worthy of making the cut in your travel make-up bag. I often have that overpowering desire to cram my entire cosmetics collection into my case when, in reality, my make-up is kept minimal and some good basics are all that’s needed.
·       SPF Face Cream/ Lip Balm: It's vital to apply an SPF face cream and lip balm to protect your skin when spending long days in the sun.
·       Tinted moisturiser/ BB Cream: A great alternative to foundation (which is almost unbearable to wear in hot weather). A tinted moisturiser or BB Cream will feel light on the skin whilst still offering some coverage and colour.
·       Concealer: For sufferers of blemishes or dark circles (bane of my life) concealer is an absolute must-have.
·       Powder: For oily skin gals like me, powder is a necessity; It will set any base that has been applied or can be used alone to keep oil at bay.
·       Bronzer/Blusher: A light dusting of bronzer all over the face will enhance your natural tan and give you a sun kissed glow. If you prefer some colour on the cheeks, use a peachy coloured blush.
·       Mascara: Take mascara which provides you with great length and volume. It’s easy to achieve different effects with just one mascara – one or two coats for a natural look or layered for a more dramatic effect.
·       Eye-shadow palette: A small four-shadow palette made up of neutral colours such as a cream, light brown, dark brown and black is a great versatile product and compact enough to travel with. Create a sultry smoky eye or use the black shadow on the lash line in place of eye-liner.
·       Lipstick/Lip-gloss: A soft pink lipstick is an easy colour to wear and great for the summer months. Opt for a red/orange lipstick for the perfect bright lip or use it as a stain for a more subtle look. To give the illusion of fuller lips use a lip-gloss over the top or on its own.
·       Brushes: A powder brush, blush/bronzer brush and eye-shadow brush are the only essential brushes for holiday. Tinted moisturiser, BB cream and concealer can be applied using fingers for quick application.
Hope you have a wonderful time if you’re going away this summer :)


Eve said...

Great picks and lovely tips. Not going on holiday but loved reading the post. A girl can dream ;)

Eve x

Katie said...

Thanks sweet. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway! Yes, I wish I was going away somewhere sunny x

S.M. said...

Great picks, thanks! Here are mine, if you want to check them out!
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