Thursday, 8 August 2013

NOTD: Gelish Manicure

Quite suprisingly, until today I’d never had my nails done professionally. False nails have never appealed to me (occasionally I’ve tried those awf stick-on ones) so I’ve always just painted them at home. However, as tomorrow is a very special occasion (my sister’s getting married!! Eeeeeep!!) I knew I wanted to treat myself to a manicure.
My sister and I chose to visit a local salon where they offer Gelish manicures which, having heard so many great things about it, I was keen to try. If you’re not familiar with it, Gelish is a gel product that looks and works like a polish. The nails are not extended or damaged in any way which is what I love about it; it’s simply a case of applying the product in the same way as a polish and using a UV light to set and harden the product. It’s expected to last for around 2-3 weeks with no peeling or chipping and can be soaked-off to remove.  
I decided to go for a classic French manicure as I think it’s feminine and pretty and complements any coloured outfit. I’m so happy with the results and would definitely get this treatment again.

It’s now time to relax before the big day tomorrow *Squeals with excitement*!!


Katie Annie said...

These look lovely and so natural!

Katie xx

Natalie said...

Those are gorgeous beaut! You'll have to tell me where you went in case I ever decide to get mine done :)
See you tomorrow!! xoxoxo

Rebecca said...

Your nails look lovely, so natural looking :)

Rebecca Coco

Justine J said...

It looks so perfect! xx