Wednesday, 18 September 2013

20 Things in My Room

I decided to snap 20 random things in my room as I recently came across a 20 Things in My Room blog post and thought it was a cute idea!

K Middy biography ‘cause I’m a fan

Next Reed Diffuser to make my room smell yummy

Piggy Bank

My 13/14 planner for university

Gift from my sister and her hubby

Vogue magazine

Giant bear

Baking books

Engagement gift from my friend in the states

Beauty Bible

Cute pillow from a little shop in Cornwall

Favourite Disney film

Collection of lip products

Links Of London charm bracelet

Chanel sunnies

Glasses holder

Cute Cards

          WWF Orang-utan adoption updates

         Brush holder


If you’ve done a post similar to this please leave me a link below as I’d love to have a nosey!

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