Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn Tag

I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone to do this but stumbled across it on someone’s blog and liked the idea. While I do looove the summer; sunshine, barbeques, beach days & light nights, I’m quite looking forward to a change of season now. This post is a little different to my usual beauty content so thought it would make a nice change…
Favourite thing about Autumn?
I adore wintery fashion and being able to layer up under snuggly jumpers, big coats and fluffy scarfs. It also means lots of cosy nights in watching films, Sunday afternoon walks in the country and roast dinners with the family. And the countdown to the most magical day of the year, of course!
Favourite drink?
I don’t drink tea or coffee but I do like a hot choccie in the colder months. My favourite has got to be the Waitrose Love Life milk chocolate drink; it’s soo much sweeter and chocolaty than any others I’ve tried, and only has 38 calories!
Favourite scent/candle?
I don’t tend to burn candles so I can’t comment on that but my absolute favourite perfume for AW is Thierry Mugler ‘Alien’. It’s woody and lovely, a definite wintery scent in my opinion.
Go to moisturiser?
As I suffer from very oily skin all year round, I don’t tend to change my moisturiser from season to season. At the moment I’m enjoying using The Body Shop seaweed moisturiser but I also like Origins No Oil moisturiser which I find slightly heavier and probably better for the colder months.
Go to colours for the eyes?
I stick to neutrals on the eyes all year round but I might add some more shimmer/glitter this time of year.
Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?
I’ll listen to whatever music is in the charts, I don’t really have a favourite to be honest! When December arrives I’ll get my Michael BublĂ© Christmas CD out for the drive to uni.
Favourite outfit to wear?
I just love cosy, comfy outfits so probably something like leggings, a chunky knit and coat with boots.
Autumn treat?
I’ve had my eye on this Dorothy Perkins winter coat so I think I’ll treat myself to that soon.
Favourite place to be?
At home in the warm with my boyfriend and family. I also love cute country pub dinners with the girls.

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