Sunday, 27 October 2013

Red Nails: Models Own VS OPI


Retro red nails are back with a bang this season; keeping it bold, bright and completely classic is key to the trend. I picked out two similar red varnishes from my collection, one high-street and one high-end brand, and thought I would do a mini review of each + a little test to see which one I prefer out of the two...

Models Own Red Alert £5
Application: Initially I found the consistency really runny and difficult to work with but I soon realised that it works well to wipe off most of the product before applying otherwise it can get quite messy! I actually enjoyed the application process once I had mastered it.
Drying time:It took quite a while to fully dry.
Colour:It was a strong, opaque colour with just one coat. I applied 2 coats for maximum colour pay off.
Staying Power:This polish lasted so well on my nails! I was super impressed with it. I had to remove it for work after about 5 days and it had hardly chipped at all.

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie £11
Application: The consistency of this varnish is fairly thick and, again, you don’t need too much product otherwise it becomes more difficult to work with.
Drying Time: It was pretty fast drying.
Colour:This varnish has slightly more of an orange tone to it. The colour was vibrant with just one coat but I applied two so that it was a fair test in terms of chipping.
Staying power: This also lasted really well on the nails and I noticed barely any chipping.

So which one did I prefer? Overall the Models Own varnish was definitely my favourite- I just love the true red colour of it and the application, once I knew to take most of the product off before applying, was really smooth and it had a great colour pay off. I would definitely recommend checking out the Models Own ranges if you haven’t already- they’re fantastic quality and so affordable!


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