Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Skincare Saviours

I don’t know whether it’s the change in weather, some new skincare bits I’ve been trying out recently, the stress of uni or, most likely, a mixture of all three, but my skin hasn’t been too happy the past couple of days. I’ve eliminated a product from my skincare routine as I have a sneaky suspicion it could well be that causing some trouble but in the meantime there are a few products I depend on to clear up my skin when I have a lot of blemishes.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask:
I’m a little lazy when it comes to applying masks, even though I really enjoy it when I do, and a few weeks can often pass before I really feel like my skin needs a good de-clogging. However, when I’m dealing with some pesky breakouts, as I am at the moment, I reach for this straight away as I find it especially effective for drawing out all the dirt and nasties lurking under the skin. As a charcoal mask it applies thickly and has a bit of an unusual scent which doesn’t really bother me. I always apply this in the evening, taking care to focus on the areas where I really need it, and in the morning everything tends to have calmed down a bit.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo:
My skin can sometimes feel a little tight after applying the mask so I like to use a small amount of this to put some moisture back in. It’s aimed at unclogging pores, reducing any imperfections and preventing future breakouts for oily skin types so it’s pretty close to being the perfect product for me!

Origins Super Spot Remover:
The last product in my skincare saviours. I’ll dab a small amount of this over blemishes before bed and in the morning they have noticeably reduced in size- it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever tried for quickly clearing up spots. I’m almost at the end of my little bottle so I’m taking a trip to John Lewis ASAP to pick up another one- I cannot be without it. I will be doing a full review of this very soon so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.

What are your skin saviours?


Rebecca said...

I always find Origins products so amazing, I love their mask :)

Rebecca x

carly said...

Isn't that the worst part about breakouts, it's so hard to determine what's causing them! I've just started using the charcoal mask as well only I find that it applies really thin! How long do you tend to leave it on for?

sundays grace beauty blog

elin erna said...

Sadly the effaclar duo didn't work for me, but I really want to try the origins spot remover!

xx elin

Katie said...

Carly- I thought that at first but now I layer it on quite thickly, I'll only leave it on for about 10mintues until it's dry otherwise my skin can feel really tight and uncomfortable.

Elin- I've heard a few people say that the Effaclar Duo does nothing for them, it's a shame! Definitely try the spot remover- it's amaaazing :)