Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Goodies 2013

Today I thought I’d do a post on some of the Christmas gifts I was lucky enough to receive this year. I personally love having a peek at what Christmas goodies other people get so I thought you might like it too. My mum and dad kindly put some money towards a new laptop for me in October as my old one decided to pack up at possibly the most crucial stage of my studies, so I was very grateful for that. Because of that, I wasn’t expecting much at Christmas but they gave me some more money and lots of little bits and bobs pictured in the first image- one of my favourites being the Givenchy perfume ‘Hot Couture’.

My FiancĂ© got me the pretty storage trunk, my faaavourite Alien perfume and lots of other cute bits for my room. He also got me a ‘make your own lip balm’ set and little personalised compact mirror which was so thoughtful. I received money, perfume and an animal print onesie from my FiancĂ©’s mum, a super cosy cardigan and some lovely beauty products from my sister and lots of chocolate, beauty bits and more money from everyone else. I love all my pressies & can't wait to try everything.

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

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Olivia said...

Simple will always be a fave of mine. Fancy sharing that chocolate?! Lovely post! xx

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