Sunday, 2 March 2014

February in Pictures

Country walks in the sunshine// drinks with the girls// published fashion article//
shopping trip// date night// lovely new hair care products//
night out with my faves// new beauty finds// dinner with family & friends
I can’t believe it’s March already!? February has absolutely flown by. Being in my final semester of uni means a pretty full-on workload but, despite trying to battle my way through it, I still feel like I’ve had a good balance of work and play in Feb. No doubt this month will be different with all those dreaded deadlines looming, although I’m going to make sure I have some relaxation time too, even if it’s just popping on a face mask and catching up on some beauty reads. I’ve got lots of posts planned and new product finds to share, so keep an eye out for them on the blog this month!


Laura Anne said...

I love your blog design!
and I know March already.. wtf?!? xx


Katie said...

Thanks so much :) Haha I know, so crazy! xo

Charlotte Lewis said...

Where does time fly, I can't believe that we are two months into the year too! xx

I have a couple new posts up and a giveaway to win D&G Sunglasses, if you would like to catch up on my latest posts xx