Friday, 11 July 2014

Review: Soap & Glory Miniatures

I received this set of miniature Soap and Glory products for Christmas but only rediscovered them a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have a big collection of their products, in fact the only other item I own is the hand sanitizer, so it’s great to have a selection of miniatures to try. I’ve tried their hand cream ‘Hand Food’ in the past and it’s lovely. It smells delicious, is super nourishing and not at all greasy. I have to admit I’m not a big hand cream user, as I never find a convenient time to slather it on, but I’m going to pop this on my desk at work and make more of an effort to use it during the day.

I wasn’t expecting much from the ‘Clean on Me’ shower gel, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s rich and creamy and feels like such a treat to use, I’m very tempted to purchase the full size of this. I’m usually super lazy when it comes to moisturising but I’ve really been enjoying using The Righteous Butter body moisturiser lately. The consistency is quite thick so you only need to use a small amount to get lovely nourished skin and of course it smells amazing too. The final product I’ve been using recently is the Scrub of Your Life body scrub. This has been the perfect addition to my routine as it’s great for ensuring your fake tan sticks around (without going flaky…) for as long as possible during the warmer months.

I’ve got my eye on the Breakfast Scrub next as it smells incredible. What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?

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Olivia Erica Ryan said...

I absolutely love all of these! The Flake Away and Righteous Butter lotion is also amazing, I don't think I've ever been less than impressed with Soap & Glory products, they're definitely my #1 bath products. Their makeup is also great too!

Olivia xo