Saturday, 4 October 2014

Susie Watson's Top Interior Design Tips

I was recently introduced to the lovely interior design brand, Susie Watson Design’s, and couldn’t wait to share it with you lovely readers. If you missed my post on the Cambridge store press launch, you can take a peek here; they really do go to great lengths to make each and every store beautiful, inspiring and a truly enjoyable shopping experience.
Although I absolutely love browsing websites and shops for pretty homeware pieces, and will often take to Pinterest for inspiration, it can be hard to know where to start with decorating a room, especially when it’s already painted and furnished. With this in mind, I thought it would be super useful to get some expert advice on interior design from the lovely Susie Watson herself. From visualising a blank canvas to being brave with colour, Susie has revealed her top tips for creating a beautiful home.
1. Visualise a blank canvas 
The ideal time to design a room is when it’s empty and bare; once you have lived with something for a long time it’s very difficult to see it any other way. You really need to try and visualise a blank canvas. Anything you can do to aid that process is worth doing, moving out furniture, stripping out old wall paper or even doing a layer of undercoat to mask a distracting paint colour. 

2. Start with the background
Designing a room is a bit like painting a picture. First create the background with a beautiful colour paint or wallpaper and a curtain fabric that either blends in gently with the walls or adds colour that compliments them. The curtains and walls need to feel harmonious and therefore must be considered together. If you are creating mood boards, I suggest painting a piece of board with the colour you have chosen and then layering the other pieces, fabric, trimmings etc. on top. Sticking everything on a white board, including small swatches of paint will not give you an impression of how the whole scheme will fit together.

3.       Be brave with colour
Don’t make the mistake of getting nervous about colour; painting everything white is actually very limiting, you’ll find yourself very restricted when you try to add in colour in other parts of your scheme. Our Evening Seas paint, a wonderfully delicate shade of greenish grey, is a great alternative to white, that will allow you to use a more interesting palette in the rest of the room.
4.      Avoid distractions
Don’t be too distracted by furniture, unless there is particular piece that is very dominating in a room, furniture can be re-located in the house or customised to suit the new room scheme, e.g. a throw can be put over a sofa, a chest painted, a chair re-covered.
5.      Consider the view
Don’t ignore what’s outside either; especially if you have large windows, you also need to consider how the external colours will work within and complement your scheme.
6.      Experiment with the details
When it comes to the finishing touches like cushions, throws, lampshades and other small accessories, these are things that can easily go back to the shop and be changed. Don’t be afraid of trying out different options and returning items until you get it right. We encourage this in our shops as we know how hard these decisions can be.
To make the decision making process as enjoyable as possible, Susie Watson Design’s offer a helpful in-store consultation service. Why not pop into one of their stores near you (check out a list of locations here) for help designing your home? They can help you put a scheme together and guide you through the decision making process. It’s also a great excuse to check out all their lovely homeware pieces.
Thanks to Susie for sharing her wonderful insider advice, I hope you all found it as interesting as I did!

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