Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Daily Skincare Routine

Evening skincare routine
Morning skincare routine
I’ve finally found a skincare routine that my skin and I are pretty happy with. Although it’s tailored more to oily/combination skin, there are certainly products which are suited to all skin types. To avoid making this post too long, I’m not going to review each product in too much depth. I’m writing full reviews on each of them over the next few weeks so if you’re interested in finding out more, then be sure to keep checking back.

Morning routine

I keep my Origins Zero Oil Cleanser in the shower so I have no excuse not to use it every morning. It’s perfect as a wake-me-up cleanser as it’s super refreshing on the skin, leaves it feeling squeaky clean and removes traces of dirt and oil so your skin is ready for the day ahead. If you’re interested in the results I’ve seen since using this cleanser, check out my full review here. The Lush Tea Tree Water is a product I’ve repurchased many times…I love it! I’ve never been into using toners but, because this one is a spray, it’s just so convenient to use and I really love how it leaves my skin feeling instantly fresh. It contains lovely ingredients to help keep oil at bay and skin clear from blemishes; the tea tree is antibacterial whilst juniperberry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear.

The next step is eye cream and I’ve recently been using the Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash. I use just the smallest amount of this in the morning to hydrate and brighten the eye area. This product claims to refresh, tighten and brighten, and I agree it does all three. I also find my concealer applies more smoothly over this. The final stage of my morning skincare routine is to use the L’Oreal Triple Active Anti-Shine moisturiser. Although I only use a very small amount of this, it does the job of hydrating my skin yet doesn't leave it feeling greasy. I love that it contains salicylic acid and has a mattifying effect, perfect for oily skin types. 

Evening routine

It can be difficult to stick to the exact same routine in the evenings as a few nights a week are spent at my boyfriend's. These nights, I usually just end up removing my makeup with the Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes as they’re convenient to keep at his. When I am at mine, I’ll then go on to use the Clarins Eye-Makeup Remover to gently remove my mascara and I’ll then use the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This product is a recent discovery and one that I’m really excited about. It’s a velvety gel formula which turns into an oil when massaged in and then a milky consistency as it’s rinsed off. It feels like a treat to use every evening and it works amazingly for reducing pores.

I’ll finish off with a spritz of the Lush Tea Tree Water and if I have any blemishes I’ll pop a tiny amount of the Origins Super Spot Remover on them. I have quite a quick and simple routine, but it works well for me. I could never be someone who bothers to use a million lotions and potions every day (who has the time?!) and I just don’t think it’s necessary either. Hopefully this has helped some of you with oily skin or given you a few ideas. Let me know if you have any skincare suggestions!

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Megan Roberts said...

I have the Lush Tea Tree water too! It's AMAZING and I definitely prefer it to other ones!
From Megan x